Mezaro Energy

Founded in 2001 by Christopher Hughes-Rees, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, Mezaro Energy is an established consultancy focused on the energy sector spanning oil, gas and renewables with emphasis on offshore wind, onshore wind and solar. We believe that energy sectors face many challenges as the world is making strenuous efforts to migrate from fossil fuel to cleaner solutions. We must recognise that this migration will not happen overnight however much some of us wish it could.

Mezaro Energy offers a range of solutions spanning strategic planning, project management, contract management, training and also resourcing solutions handling both permanent and contract staffing requirements.

We are always looking for talented professionals to join Mezaro Energy either on a full or part time basis. If you believe that you have the skills and experience to make a significant contribution in a client driven environment, please send an email including your CV to

Oil and Earth

No new field now being developed is projected to have daily production in excess of 250,000 barrels. In sharp contrast, the world’s 19 largest “old giant fields” still produce an average over 500,000 barrels per day, in spite of an average age of almost 70 years. "The World’s Giant Oilfields" By Matthew R. Simmons